Wash me away no more. Seal not my fate with your crooked lies. The tales you weave will be your demise. To the shore of disease, to the mountainous caves of hidden dreams. I will stand from there to here I will amass myself to engulf all that are tattered left for dead and shattered [...]

Echo… Can you hear me... Calling...calling...calling Your name out loud I sit in the depth of the canyon waiting for you to smile Calling...calling...calling Your name out loud I sit and exclaim The reason I sit at all calling...calling...calling I'm waiting and watching hoping to see your smile As the fear inside bubbles up as a child [...]

Crystal Clear

This post and poem below is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine who posted on Facebook  her declaration to win her battle with cancer. She declared that she had decided to be positive believing in her healing and no matter what others thought she was going to trust her faith and inner strength to help [...]