How to Make Each Day Your Best Day of the Year

Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year – Ralph Waldo Emerson


When you think about the days of recent how many of those days would you classify as your best days of the year? If you haven’t had a birthday, anniversary, job promotion, new baby, or another memorable event you may not have many. But what if you could make everyday the best day? Sure this sounds unreasonable and a setup for something ridiculous but the truth is you can have it. It’s up to you.

It starts with intention. Each day must begin with a plan in place of what you intend to feel, be, and experience. If you position your heart and mind to have a happy day. Then you will. Sounds too easy? It is. The difficult part is believing you can have it. For example, my first year in a city where I knew no one it was difficult meeting people or just engaging on a day-today basic. So I planned my daily experience by spending time with me in the morning cultivating a positive attitude and a mind of expectation. I expected the day to bring a happy event. And sure enough each time I did this without doubting I wasn’t disappointed.

So give it try for a few days. It’s all about removing the doubt and opening yourself to expecting happiness, joy, or whatever makes this day your best day. Go for it! Then comeback and share your experience.

You can do it. Make everyday your best day of the year!

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