10 Ways to add R & R to your next Business Trip


Have you ever been so stressed out after a business trip that the thought of a simple task sent you over the edge? This has been my challenge in the past so I decided to find a way to firmly control my load and not allow the load to control me.

The thought of rest and relaxation (R & R) and business travel is an oxymoron.  Generally, we either have one or the other, but I’ve searched and found options to help the two cohesively exist to avoid a melt down, which frightens my cat into hiding and ensures the family’s “special treatment” until I return to normal.


After a road trip where I spent, over the span of two months, 5 weeks traveling, I found myself totally exhausted when I returned for a respite of 2 weeks.  Veg-ging with mindless chatter from the TV or minimum interaction is all I could do the first day home to allow my senses to reboot.

My home is my sanctuary where I know no matter the situation I can always replenish my being to be at rest and relaxation.  But what about when I’m away?  How can I balance my measure of well-being and not come home empty and stressed out?  I decided, I need to find a way to mobilize my sanctuary-being  so I can maintain my peaceful balance on the road. mom-cat-balancing-act

How can I find rest and relaxation on the road?  My plan is not to overburden my trip with carrying more baggage thinking this will bring more ease.  So I thought, what do I need to do?  How can I be more without bringing more? I need a collection of options to overcome the challenge of airport delay, intense meetings, timezone changes, and ongoing demands while traveling. Here are the tried and tested results.

10 steps to R & R on the road

1. Writing/Reading – Start each day or end each evening with a short but expressive writing or reading.  Letting out the undesirable and bringing in the desired state.

2. Workout / Stretching – This is the way to revitalize the body which will feed the mind with extra oxygen and strength to help you face every stressful situation.

3. Massage – Learning the techniques to self message can have great benefits.  It doesn’t take a lot of time and you can successfully relax your body by using a water bottle, wrapped in a towel optional, up and down your neck or using your finger tips to massage your upper back in a rotating motion making sure to focus on releasing the tension as you move your hands over your neck and shoulders.  Another alternative is hiring a therapist from the hotel or using a chair massage venue which are in many airports.  It s great way to pass the time waiting for a delayed or later flight.

4. Hot Shower or Bath – Ok, you may say a hot shower is a given but using it with your intention focused on relaxation is the difference.  Not letting your mind wonder into tomorrow or replaying yesterday/today but a total release of all pending task or worries watching them circle the drain can bring a restful slumber or revitalize your day.

5. Breathing/Meditation – Breaking from the cycle of dis-ease.  No matter if you’re in a meeting, the hotel room, driving, or wherever.  You can break for a moment and reboot your flow. Watch your breath, in….out….in…out…. with each inhale exhale it all the way.  Totally focused on the breath.  Meditate and focus on how you want to feel. You don’t have to be a yogi to do this. Ending this brief exercise with a positive statement such as, I am ______.

6. Nap – Before the evening event take a nap even if it’s just laying down and resting your eyes for 10 minutes.  It makes a difference.  Close the room-darken curtains and release.

7. Feel_The_MusicListening to Music – Flowing in the rhythm that makes you smile will never fail to bring you joy.

8. A Touch of Home – Bringing something from home that represents your peaceful place immediately can take you there.  Sometimes I bring my travel candle which reminds me of home or my warm and fuzzy socks.  Each serves to refocus my attention to the place of peace.

9. Encourage someone else – Giving a word of advise or encouragement will bring the same feeling.  A simple smile to anyone or everyone you see in your day can also return an uplifting feeling. Yes, even that difficult one, give them a smile too.  I’ve been pleasantly surprised when I see the smile coming back to me not realizing I was wearing mine. Make it a habit.

Goals-Dreams-Passion10. Nurture your goal or passion – Take a break and focus on your goal.  Be present in your passion no matter if it’s a future happening or a right now event. If you don’t have one, think on what you want for yourself or where you want to be. Focusing on that passion or goal will always bring joy. Don’t focus on how to get there – just the designation.

Each of these steps can be done in a short period of time but have a major affect on your state of being.  What do you think?  I would love to hear how you manage your R & R on the road.

Safe and Balanced Travels!

K.L deVille

For more like this: http://www.kldeville.com



2 thoughts on “10 Ways to add R & R to your next Business Trip

  1. I really like the idea of bringing a little something from home that triggers a relaxing, peaceful mode. I’ll have to try it! Thanks Karen!


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