“She’s Touching Me!” – Just let it go

How many times have we seen this play out in real life?  Kids aren’t the only ones that have silly little arguments but some time later they have forgotten all about it and moved on without holding a grudge.  Unfortunately, when the ego becomes a permanent residence, we can’t easily…  Let it go!  

I can remember when I was 6 or 7 and playing with my cousins. At the time, I was an only child so having my cousins over was a special treat.  On one particular instance, as we played Mother May I, which was similar to Simon Said, my cousin Neicy got very upset over a mishap with the broom, which I may have tapped her with a bit – for a good reason I’m sure.  🙂  We yelled – made our case – pouted –  and then made up. Afterwards, it was back to playing.  Why?  Our entire focus was to play….so no matter the disagreement or who’s turn it was or wasn’t, we said our piece and then moved on because we wanted, above all, to have fun and play. 

Now as an adult, I admit I have wrapped myself around a few axels and dug in my heels after a silly disagreement simply just to prove a point. So to help me,  I created my 5 year rule.  And now I’ve adjusted it to a 1 year rule. (I’m a work in progress.)

“If it won’t matter in a year – then it doesn’t matter now.”

This rule, and focusing on the bigger picture, prevents wasted energy, wrapped axels and ruined heels. roses_high_heel_311093

Have a great week! – K.L. de Ville
“Don’t Try – Just Do”

5 thoughts on ““She’s Touching Me!” – Just let it go

  1. Great write up there K.L.

    Things change so much when you become an adult. I had my 25 birthday just the other day and invited bunch of my good friends over for a barbecue. I had bought some simple plastic cutlery to use for the food and was surprised how nice the cutlery was.. Few of my friends chuckle and mention of how over time, as we get older, it’s the simple things in life that make us happy. I don’t think I would of been so excited at a younger age.

    Growing older does have great positives.

    Note: That cutlery was awesome because it had a knife, spoon, fork and napkin all bundled together for cheaper than it was to buy each piece separately! 🙂 Perfect for parties.

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    1. Thanks Ken! Time does bring about a change. When we get older our lives become more complicated therefore simplicity in any form is a calming escape. Happy Belated Birthday!


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