Weekend Wisdom

Remember to Water

water drop 1

When your desert is dry remember to water

When your conversation is strained remember to water

When you can’t seem to connect to anyone around remember to water

Water is the source of life, the joy, and meaning to all good things

The provider of our sentimental lost pleasures gone too soon

Remember to water

Remember to smile to the beat of those special moments that warmed your heart

Remember to pause and breathe the breath of simplicity

Remember to cast away what is behind you why carry that thought into another day

Remember to love; love on who you have been, are being, and how love makes you feel – remember

Today is here yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not promised so why tangle this and that in the memory of now – just love

Now is your time to sail the waters

Now is your time to navigate the dream   

Now is your time to act on the voice that whispered from the shell of the sea 

In the depth of your being – stop to listen

Now is today refresh – replenish – restore and renew

Water your spirit

Water your path

Let it flow out your fear

Let it wash out your worry

Float in safety; stroke in the Devine

Pour out your soul to your ever expanding mind

Let it flow in your home

Let it flow in the street

Let the river of your life flow for all to see

Let it flow, let it flow

and when in doubt remember to water

K.L. de Ville

7 thoughts on “Weekend Wisdom

    1. I agree with you Zachary. We do need to nourish our dreams to feed our inspiration. I thank you for leaving an expression of what the poem said to you. I find that often when I write I don’t know where it’s going and what it will become until someone reads it. Wonderfully, the expression can vary one reader to another which is truly art in the making. Thank you my friend!


      1. Totally agree. Art is always open to interpretation, which is to say, what we write may not arrive on the other end as intended. Sometimes people can understand it differently than we planned, making it speak to their own life, which can be more powerful than we realized when we wrote it 🙂 I’ve only posted a couple poems on my site but I just put one up on Friday. It’s always interesting, people are apt to interpret a poem differently than a normally written piece. Hope all is well, take care K.L.!


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