A Conversation of 2 Hearts

Heart #1 

Why aren’t you ever here when I need you?

Why do I always have to come to you?

You don’t love me like I love you.

I ask what’s wrong and you say nothing.  Why can’t you accept me?  What is it?!

Heart #2

I don’t understand why you feel this way. My love hasn’t diminished.

I love you very much.

Aren’t I here each morning with a happy greeting?

Aren’t I present to inquire of your day?

Don’t I listen when you talk?  

Don’t I support what you do?

Have you asked yourself these very questions?

Heart #1

Yes you are, but I’m talking about being to me the way I need you to be.  

You don’t come to me like I come to you?  

Why is that and why would I ask myself?

That doesn’t make any sense!

Heart #2

The magnitude of the love we feel from each other is based on the condition of our being.

Perhaps the need you feel is not a lack from the outside but a longing from the inside.

I can only be a highlight of what you have already written inside of you.

I can only magnify that which you treasure within.

Have you searched yourself? What is written within?

I love you dearly and I attempt to bring the best of me to you each day but do you see me when I do?

Heart #1

What are you talking about? (puzzled)

Heart #2

Well, you said I’m never here for you. 

Could it be that I am not giving you what is needed for you to feel I’m here for you?

Heart #1

That’s exactly what I’m saying! Are you just getting this?

Heart #2

My love, I go back to what I said.

The love you feel is the highlight, the mirror of you.  I can’t be anymore than that even when I try.

Heart #1


Release your heart and let it dance tonight!

K.L. deVille
Don’t Try ~ Just Do

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