Weekend Wisdom – The Apple of My Eye

Illuminated Tree Yohan and Naham are brothers of a tiny village far off from any other.  The village sits at the base of a mighty mountain yet they are exposed to the deadly heat of the summer and freezing winds of the winter.  All would perish if not for the massive tree that protects the village from the strength of the seasons.  The massive tree is many years old and spans the entire width of the mountain which takes a two day journey to reach the top.  It is a special tree because it bears fruit for the village.  All can enjoy the fruits of the tree except one fruit, the illuminating apple.

The branches of the massive tree span miles to cast its protection over the village below. For generations the people have tended to and respected the massive tree teaching their children to do the same. Never did they dare to pick the illuminating apple only the many fruit varieties that grow around it as a source of nourishment, trade and provision in the village. 

How does this massive tree survive the mighty seasons and all they bring?  The villagers believe it’s the illuminating apple which is the source of strength to the massive tree. For hundreds of years the tree has offered fruits all year long under extreme heat and freezing temperatures.

In this place, it is like no other. The illumination of the one apple shines for miles providing a guiding light in the darkest night and a sense of peace to the villagers.  They know that as long as the shining light is present their village is safe.

Yohan is a curious young man who can’t stay away from the massive tree.  His imagination often takes him to the base of the tree where he sits for hours locked on the illumination of the wondrous apple. On one particular day, after he and Naham were returning from their monthly journey, to trade for supplies to the neighboring village, they stopped to rest under the tree just as night fell. The glow of the apple twinkled as the strength of its light warmed the sky while day made way for night.

Yohan, looking up through the openings of the many branches, fixed his eyes on the illumination that seems to tempt him with every visit.  On this night, he dared to speak his hidden desire to Naham.

“I can imagine the smooth touch and rounded shape of my illuminating apple as it fits so perfectly in my hand. Can’t you imagine it brother?  Don’t you wonder how it feels? Dare not I take a bite? Dare not I share delight?”

“No not I nor thee can be released into the tranquility of the forbidden. We are yet uncleaned not washed of our fearful sites and dreadful plights.  

“How be it our plight when it should be our might that satisfies the hunger within. See how it glows and glistens greater than the moon light? Why can’t we take a bite while no one is looking? I desire just to know it for myself.

“You are too impulsive; you give no thought to the after of your bite. What then will you do once the light has left the apple and your bite is there for all to see?”

Yohan scratched his chin and attentively studied the massive trees and replied. 

“Why is only one apple the light of this tree and why does it beckon me so? And why should I be responsible or accountable for desiring such a beautiful tasty fruit.  My belly is empty my strength in need of substance.  Yet you deny me of my delight.”

“Your delight you seek can not be filled by the bite of the illuminating apple. Dig deeper my brother or your hunger will never cease.”

We must be aware of this hunger to avoid feeding a bottomless pit of want that will fool us into despair, loneliness, fear, and doubt.
K.L de Ville
Don’t Try ~ Just Do

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