My Journey To Authenticity – Day 1

IMG_06379:30 am and I was about to tear what little hair I have out of my head. Irritable and cranky snapping at anything that crossed my path, the TV, furniture, the missed-fired coffee maker that forced me to go out to get a cup. Dazed in my fog of irritability, I told myself I was going to Coffee Bean on the corner but ended up at the Corner Store gas station just before the Coffee Bean. How did that happen? Even my body couldn’t stand my mood. “Here ya go now go get it so you can get back to normal” what my body would have said had it the presence of a mind and voice outside of me. As I walked in, my mind complained about the choices but hey beggars can’t be choosey and at this moment my body was begging “HELP I’m being inhabited by an alien mind and I’m sore afraid”

I made a selection looking for the lightest roast I could find because study have shown there’s more caffeine in a light roast than darker.This is debatable but for now I’m going with it. Found it. I don’t drink milk so the non dairy vanilla hazelnut creamer was fine with me. In fact, I think this is why my self conscious decided to stop here instead. I don’t drink milk and rather not use soy either. Picky? Yes I know. This is why it was double frustrating when the coffee maker didn’t cooperate. At home I use almond milk, one that has yet to catch on in the popular coffee houses. Nope not at Starbucks either. I know if I was reading this I would think well that non dairy creamer is not the best choice either but hey this is a drastic time requiring drastic measures to be taken.  Ok enough rambling. Hmmm but isn’t that my entire point. Whatever!

Yes I’m somewhere between the foreign being and that other one like in the Snickers commercial. I’m siting in the backyard now sipping my coffee from the corner store listening to my latest find from Pandora I’m almost back to normal. I sat in the sun, oh yea a lack of vitamin D is probably a factor too because I spent the entire week quarantined in my office, well that might not be exactly true but I wasn’t enjoying the sun like I should, pulled a few random weeds, that always brings grounding to an earth being such as I am, righted the chair that had fallen over a few days ago then I took a seat.

Sun beaming down, as it should in Arizona in Early March, I attempt to read one of my favorite authors, James Patterson, because I recently read that a writer should not abandon reading all you can, but that’s just it, I really didn’t want to read. The uncooperative view of my reader didn’t help as it was set to night mode and I have the bright AZ sun beaming on me and it. Owi be really! Just when I thought I could breathe a bit here comes another bothersome aspect to complicate my coffee deficient irritable morning.

I took a breath and eventually figured out how to change it to day mode. Guess what? Yep, after doing all that I decided not to read. But what? I’ll give you one guess.


This is day 1 on my journey to authenticity.

Don’t Try ~ Just Do
K.L de Ville 

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