Are You Ready for the World?

It’s important that we spend time with ourselves to refuel after a long week.  I learned this several years ago.  The giving of myself to work, family, commitments, etc. drained my well being. Going to bed exhausted and waking up rushing was no way to live every single day.

It took some time for me to even want to spend time with myself (which is different than catching a break) or even know what to do when I did, but once I learned how to enjoy me it became the most rewarding relationship I have. 

I encourage you to give some time to you this weekend. I’m talking about giving your best to you! Find your passion. Tap into what you like without the compromise we make to be with others.

Doing this will make you a better person for your family, work, friends, etc.

This time is like watering a tree.  If the roots aren’t healthy they can’t keep providing the proper nutrients to the entire tree.  Be mindful in this time so you can get to know you in ways you don’t today.
Give the most important person you know (you) your best attention this weekend! 
Don’t Try – Just Do

K.L. de Ville

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