Crystal Clear

This post and poem below is dedicated to a very dear friend of mine who posted on Facebook  her declaration to win her battle with cancer. She declared that she had decided to be positive believing in her healing and no matter what others thought she was going to trust her faith and inner strength to help her fight this disease and nothing more. I, being one who believes that life is what we make of it and my proven faith filled life, replied that I will stand with her.

After a day of thinking and trusting my inner strength I forwarded this poem to her which I hadn’t completed until I read her declaration.  This is in the honor of my friend Crystal Jefferson and all those who are suffering with a dis-ease in your body or spirit.

I believe in your healing and your disease to be eased. Will you stand with me as I stand with Crystal and so many others?

Crystal Clear

There’s a calling in the air,

and it’s not just for me.

There’s a calling in the air,

and it’s time to be believed.

It’s a higher power

calling for a change.

It’s a sacred life force

wanting us to stand and be on course.

One day at a time, 

we can experience life as alive.

One step to take

leads us closer to the call

before we brake.

There’s a calling in the air,

and you may hear it from


From Tennessee to Katmandu,

pay attention to the whispers.

When you sit or if you stand,

don’t fear them when they speak.

There’s a calling in the air,

and it calling after you.

Let not your self be the force

to dismiss what yours. 

Speak it.

Be it.

snoopyhappyClaim it.

Then go out and proclaim it.

Don’t miss your call!

Be Crystal Clear.

There’s a calling in the air,

and it’s calling after you.


Don’t Try – Just Do

K.L. de Ville

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