The Lee Way to Problem Solving

Got a problem you need to solve? Try this.

How many times have you seen the same situation show up in your life only to have different packaging?  For instance, have you ever dated someone new or married again and after the honeymoon stage is over it seems that the same issues are creeping their way in? Or have you left a job and discovered the new job or position has similar or the same challenges? What about the many promises we make to ourselves over and over each year?

Each of these are our problems or challenges we are trying to solve but fail to overcome them because…..we are using the same thought process that created them.  As the proverb speaks and restated by Bruce Lee “As you think so shall you become.”  So what’s the solution?

Bruce Lee was a great martial artist and the only way he became this way was by training. He also learned that to train the body he had to train the mind to be flexible not rigid. His way of approaching a problem was this,

“If you spend too much time thinking about a thing you will never get it done.” 

Could this be you?  Are you thinking of ways to escape a situation? Or have you thought your way into something new hoping to avoid a problem?

Learn to flow into it.  Don’t ponder your escape, analyze or draw out your hypothesis of how to rid yourself of it, just accept it and flow into it.

Once you start to accept the situation as it appears, rather than have a resistance to what shows up, you will see that your challenges aren’t really problems they are opportunities.

They become opportunities when you understand how to view them this way. Everything is an opportunity when we learn to stop resisting or blocking the situation. Stop and review the situation. Ask yourself these questions to help.

  1. How did you approach the situation before?
  2. What lesson is this experience trying to teach you?
  3. What actions led you to this situation?
  4. What could you do differently than before?
  5. Should you even act at all or let it just pass by?

“Once we accept our limits we go beyond them” – Albert Einstein

These words of Albert Einstein will ring true when you admit and release the struggle to do or be a certain way.  Have you ever heard this saying or said it yourself, “This is how I am.” or “I’ve always done it this way.”

When you can throw up your hands at the way you handle certain situations then, and only then, can you begin to think or accept a new way of being.

I believe Bruce Lee said it best.

“Be like water making it’s way through cracks.  Do not be assertive but adjust to the object and you shall find a way around it or through it. If nothing within stays rigid, outward things will disclose themselves.”  

Too many times we make the mistake and try to control the situation into what we want it to be instead of simply letting it unfold itself to us.

Step outside your box and release the thought that if you don’t understand it, it must be a problem.  Then find the opportunity when it reveals itself.  Wait for it.

“Be water my friend” ~ Bruce Lee

K.L. deVille

Don’t Try ~ Just Do


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