A few months ago I hired a company to take care of my back yard maintenance.  They assured me they would mow the small lawn, trim the bushes, and take care of any weeds 2x per month.  A few weeks went by and one of my climbing bushes begin to fade. This plant was very healthy [...]

Weekend Wisdom – The Apple of My Eye

 Yohan and Naham are brothers of a tiny village far off from any other.  The village sits at the base of a mighty mountain yet they are exposed to the deadly heat of the summer and freezing winds of the winter.  All would perish if not for the massive tree that protects the village from the strength of [...]

Weekend Wisdom – Fuel Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted for something that didn't happen?  In those times does it seem that no matter what you do it is just not coming?  Yep...been there done that. What does it mean?  In the words of Andre Maurois "If men (and women) could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, [...]


Reborn Though the earth may crumble beneath me Yet I rise Though the sky above may rain down my sorrows Yet I thrive When all my friend-nemies call with exhalations and false recommendations Yet I strive Even when my mind thinks a thought from the depth of my greatest fear Yet I'm alive No matter [...]

Weekend Wisdom

When it seems your back is to the wall and you've done all you can to birth your dream STAND Stand on the sweat and faith that brought you here because it's always darkest before dawn.   Your horizon is in view. Your labor is not in vain. Press On    "Don't Try - Just Do" [...]

“She’s Touching Me!” – Just let it go How many times have we seen this play out in real life?  Kids aren't the only ones that have silly little arguments but some time later they have forgotten all about it and moved on without holding a grudge.  Unfortunately, when the ego becomes a permanent residence, we can't easily...  Let it go!   I can remember [...]