To walk and fly Like the birds gone by Or flutter and dip Like butterflies and dragonflies Even crawl and climb blending in with ease As the gecko he be up and down to a Z Simple days they live  Compared to my historical course  Wonder if they think the same of my perforce  Perspectives [...]


My Journey To Authenticity – Day 1

9:30 am and I was about to tear what little hair I have out of my head. Irritable and cranky snapping at anything that crossed my path, the TV, furniture, the missed-fired coffee maker that forced me to go out to get a cup. Dazed in my fog of irritability, I told myself I was [...]

Selma50 – Anniversary Of the Selma March

Marching feet and singing voices headed to the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Alabama 50 years ago as they walked for equality in America.  That should be the default we receive no matter where we go. Yet, we are still talking about it.  Not because we are ranting, merely reflecting, or memorializing the historic walk. No because at certain [...]

Shine On

I recently read a quote from an unknown source that gave me a hmmm moment. "Don't let someone dim your light simply because it's shining in their eyes" Could this be why others throw "shade"?  Shade, better know as insults, put-downs, gossip anything other than a positive word, action or thought.  Don't they know that [...]

Weekend Wisdom – The Apple of My Eye

 Yohan and Naham are brothers of a tiny village far off from any other.  The village sits at the base of a mighty mountain yet they are exposed to the deadly heat of the summer and freezing winds of the winter.  All would perish if not for the massive tree that protects the village from the strength of [...]

Weekend Wisdom – Fuel Your Dreams

Have you ever wanted for something that didn't happen?  In those times does it seem that no matter what you do it is just not coming?  Yep...been there done that. What does it mean?  In the words of Andre Maurois "If men (and women) could regard the events of their own lives with more open minds, [...]

The Origin of Labor Day & Not Wearing White until Spring

  Is Labor Day the last day of the year to wear white? What would Miranda of "The Devil Wears Prada" say? What else does Labor Day represent? Depending on who you ask they may say it means the following: 1. Last weekend for a summer holiday 2. Great day for retail sales 3. An extra [...]